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Flow Cosmetics Peppermint Foot Butter

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Your tired feet will love this cream! Flow Cosmetics Foot Butter moisturizes and nourishes the skin and cracked heels. The peppermint in the cream refreshes and cools fatigued feet. Vegan.

Peppermint Foot Butter for fresh and pretty feet

  • creamy and nourishing shea butter
  • fresh scent of peppermint
  • 100 % certified organic

This foot butter also contains the essential oil of cypress to reduce fluid retention and improve blood circulation. Flow Cosmetics foot butter may even help with excessive foot sweating, as it cools the skin. The addition of coconut oil makes this foot butter naturally deodorizing as well.

To refresh tired feet

Use for your feet and also all over your legs to alleviate swelling and hotness. It is also effective as an intensive moisturizer for your hands.

In hot weather, refrigerate in order to maintain the consistency.

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