Entis BugBites Natural

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Plant-based proteins + cricket flour = unbeatable combo!

BugBites Natural contains 43% of protein. Crickets give BugBates a nice boost of iron, zinc and Vitamin B12. Crunchy, wholesome and pleasantly mild in flavour, this super-snack is at its best with yoghurt and berries.

  • Naturally free of additives
  • Made in Finland

BugBites is an oat snack with insect protein. Whether it is eaten directly from a pack or incorporated into your dishes, it helps you to achieve the daily nutritional goals you have while tasting bugging delicious!

And by the way, eating insects is crazy ecological. Growing crickets causes 98 % less greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional meat. It also requires only a fraction of the water and space compared to any other protein source! Pretty amazing, right?

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