Berrie Wild Bilberry 12-pack

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One Berrie Wild Bilberry cup of 100 ml contains 139 whole bilberries calculatory quantity. 

Sales unit: 12 x 100 ml or 3 l 

Drinkable Berrie is made in Finland from whole berries, including the skin and seeds containing plenty of anthocyanins, vitamins and fibres.

Wild Bilberry – the Nordic Superberry

Wild bilberries grow in the Nordic forests. The anthocyanin content of a berry can be seen in the intensity of its colour. The inside of blueberries is pale, whereas wild bilberries are dark blue superberries. By comparison with the blueberry, the wild bilberry contains three times as many anthocyanins. It also has a richer flavour.

Berry drinks from fresh Finnish berries

Berry drinks from fresh Finnish berries
The berry drinks in our selection are made from fresh berries which are handpicked from the clean Finnish nature. Finnish berries are exceptionally rich in nutrition and taste due to the environment in which they grow. In order to protect themselves against the cold climate, the berries produce a lot of anthocyanins which are a type of flavonoids. Berry drinks capture all these beneficial nutrients and flavors in an easily absorbing form. Berry drinks are made from whole berries, including the seeds and the skin which contain a large portion of the nutrients. Berry drinks are an easy way to enjoy the health benefits and fresh taste of berries all year round.

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