Berrie+ Protein Wild Bilberry & Pomegranate + Protein 12-pack

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Berrie+ Protein contains wild bilberry, pomegranate and PEPTAN B collagen peptides. In a cup of 100 ml there are 45 wild bilberries and 7,1 g of protein.

Sales unit: 12 x 100 ml

Drinkable Berrie is made in Finland from whole berries, including the skin and seeds containing plenty of anthocyanins, vitamins and fibres.

Nordic Superberries with Protein

Berrie+ Protein is an easy and tasty way to add protein to your daily diet. It contains Nordic superberry wild bilberry and pomegranate together with plenty of protein. It helps to maintain and build normal muscle mass when used as a part of a balanced and versatile diet and combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy the delicious berry flavour of Berrie+ Protein!

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