Couperose skin requires long-term and sensitive treatment

Couperose skin requires long-term and sensitive treatment

Couperose is a chronic skin condition which causes a lot of inconvenience for many people. Couperose is characterized by redness and dilated blood vessels in the facial area. The sensitive couperose skin reacts strongly to internal and external stimulus, such as exposure to changing weather conditions, sunlight and stress. Couperose skin can also be triggered by strong emotions, stress, spicy foods, hot drinks and alcohol.

Couperose is usually hereditary. Couperose is caused by weakened blood vessels. The blood vessels dilate when there is a rush of blood to the skin. In the normal case the blood vessels close after some time and the redness of the skin fades away. In couperose however, the blood vessels which have lost their elasticity have trouble closing which causes permanent redness on the skin.

Couperose is not a diagnosed skin disease. Instead, skincare professions usually refer to couperose as the first stage of rosacea. Rosacea is a skin condition which causes permanent redness, rash, spots and the feeling of tingling or burning on the skin. Couperose can eventually develop into rosacea if not properly treated.

Choose sensitive skincare products for couperose skin

Couperose skin requires gentle care especially during the cold and windy winter months. Couperose skin needs gentle, protecting and soothing skincare products as well as a long-term and preventive approach to the treatment. It is possible to get the redness of the couperose skin under control with the right products. Couperose can appear on dry skin as well as on oily skin so make sure to select skincare products based on your skin type.

The cornerstones of couperose skincare:

  • gentle cleansing product
  • calming and protecting moisturizer developed for couperose skin
  • concealer which neutralizes the redness of the skin

Couperose skin should be cleansed without further irritating or damaging the already sensitive skin. Choose a product which doesn’t contain alcohol, scents or soaps. You can also try a cleanser which doesn’t need to be rinsed because the limestone in tap water can irritate the sensitive skin.

The right moisturizer protects and soothes the red couperose skin and prevents the further development of couperose. Frantsila Midsummer Rose Youthful Beauty AG Facial Cream and Frantsila Midsummer Rose Nourishing Facial Cream are intensive and nourishing moisturizers ideal for couperose skin. Frantsila Midsummer Rose Facial Oil also protects the skin from cold weather thus preventing additional irritations.

The redness of the skin can also be masked with the right concealer. Green concealer neutralizes redness because green is a complementary color to red. Like all color-correcting concealers, the green concealer is applied before foundation and your normal concealer. Just make sure to apply it carefully and smoothly to avoid green-tinged skin.

Protect the couperose skin from sunlight

If you suffer from couperose, it is good to avoid certain contributing factors which worsen the symptoms. One of these is sunbathing. The sun’s UV rays make the delicate capillaries dilate and cause further redness on the skin. Therefore it is best to avoid staying in direct sunlight and to use day cream with good UV protection.

People with couperose skin should also avoid using hydrocortisone creams on their face. Hydrocortisone creams worsen the redness because they make the skin thinner and make the blood vessels even more visible.

The symptoms of couperose skin are worsened by:

  • sunbathing
  • sauna
  • skincare products which contain alcohol
  • exfoliators which contain grains
  • hydrocortisone cream
  • spicy foods
  • hot drinks
  • alcohol
  • stress

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