Collection: Kinoko

Kinoko – beauty with kombucha and probiotics

Kinoko offers an innovative skincare line which balances your skin’s microbiome. Fermented kombucha and probiotics strengthen the conditions where healthy bacteria can thrive while preventing inflammation and impurities caused by harmful bacteria. Achieve your dream skin with Kinoko!

The Kinoko skincare products are suitable for all skin types

Dry, sensitive, normal, oily and combination skin can all benefit from Kinoko’s effective composition which combines kombucha and probiotics. The primary purpose of the Kinoko products is to balance the function of the skin’s own microbiome. No matter what your skin type is, Kinoko gives it exactly what it needs.

The benefits of kombucha and probiotics in skincare

The antioxidant- and vitamin-rich kombucha is a fermented and fizzy tea-based drink which is not only beneficial when enjoyed internally. Kinoko has harnessed the power of kombucha to clarify, freshen and balance the skin. When used externally, kombucha prevents the skin’s aging by strengthening its elasticity.

Probiotics support the skin’s natural microbiome which is the solution to many skin problems. Probiotics prevent inflammation and impurities by strengthening the skin’s good bacteria.

When the good bacteria thrives on the skin, the harmful bacteria will have less room to cause damage to the skin. Together with kombucha, probiotics strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and protect it from external stress factors. Feeding the skin’s microbiome with probiotics prevents infections, maintains the optimal pH of the skin and moisturizes the skin. Therefore the Kinoko products are particularly suitable for those who suffer from inflammatory skin conditions such as rash, acne and rosacea. The products bring lots of joy also to those who battle with milder skin problems.

We warmly recommend you to try these innovative products for yourself!