Luv,A Day Cream with Licorice Extract

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Firming and renewing Day Cream, that contains soothing Licorice Extract and firming Liftonin Xpress Extract. Helps keeping up with the youthful glow. Made in Finland.

  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Firms the skin on cellular level

Luv, A Day Cream is a soft but very easily absorbed and firming day cream. It works either by itself or can be applied over Luv, A beauty serum. The product contains licorice extract containing antioxidants and Lifton Xpress extract, which effectively polishes the skin.

Licorice extract also soothes the skin, curbs inflammation and slows down skin aging. Lifton Xpress extract, on the other hand, effectively regenerates skin cells, making the skin firm and firm. The product gives an immediate feeling of firmness and also helps to keep the skin fresh and firm in regular use.

How to use

Apply generously on the face and neck every morning.

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