Nystad Sauna Company

Nystad Sauna Company – Pure luxury with a pure conscience

Nystad Sauna Company is a company based in Finland, Nystad. It’s owned by three Finnish women whose mission is to celebrate the Finnish sauna and summer nature and share their unique ambiance and effects on wellbeing to people around the world, all year round.

The 100 % natural Sauna Scent and Forest Bath sachets for infusion contain pure ground birch leaves and herbs from Finland. The Forest Baths also contain mineral-rich German Alpine salt that softens and nourishes your skin together with the ground leaves.

Nystad Sauna Company's products are made of dried birch leaves

Sustainable and zero-waste natural products

Responsibility, sustainability, and procedures that honor both nature and humans are important to Nystad Sauna Company. All the plants used in the products are pure, safe, wild-grown or of organic quality and handpicked from the Finnish nature. The products, including their packaging, are zero-waste, biodegradable and recyclable. Nystad Sauna Company also provides meaningful work for people with disabilities by collaborating with the work centres of their own region.

Sauna scents and Forest baths create a luxurious bath experience

The Nystad Sauna Company products are designed to elevate your sauna experience with the scents of genuine Finnish summer forests. The selection of sauna scent fragrances includes Birch, Birch & Mint and Birch & Lavender. All the sauna scents are available in single packages and also in the packages of three sachets.

Nystad Sauna Company Sauna scents

Sauna Scent Birch

We believe that breathing in the steam of Birch refreshes your mind, helps your body to recover and gives you the best and most creative ideas.

Sauna Scent Birch & Mint

We believe that breathing in the steam of Birch & Mint together opens your mind, invigorates your body and clears your breathing.

Sauna Scent Birch & Lavender

We believe that breathing in the steam of Birch & Lavender together calms your mind, relaxes your body and gives you peaceful dreams.

Nystad Sauna Company Forest baths

The selection of Forest Baths includes Birch, Birch & Peppermint and Birch & Heather in single packages. The Forest Baths are easy and enjoyable to use: think of them like using a tea bag in your sauna or foot bath bowl.

Try this tip: you can use Forest Baths also for children’s bath. It’s a safe and poison-free way to make your child’s bath moment fun and special!

Forest Bath Birch

We believe that Birch will give you pure refreshment in the ambiance of a traditional Finnish forest.

Forest Bath Birch & Peppermint

We believe that Birch & Peppermint will cheer you up in the ambiance of an invigorating Finnish forest.

Forest Bath Birch & Heather

We believe that Birch & Heather will give you tender loving care in the ambiance of a nourishing Finnish forest.

Nystad Sauna Company's products are also a great gift to your friends near and far: they are light to carry and easy to send. And what could be a better gift than a little piece of Finland, one of the greenest, cleanest and happiest countries in the world!

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