Less Anxiety Affirmation Cards

Less Anxiety Affirmation Cards

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45 beautifully illustrated cards designed to alleviate anxiety and stress!

Less Anxiety Affirmation Cards is a deck of 45 gorgeous affirmation cards. These cards will remind you to focus on what truly matters, even amidst a chaotic situation. Pick a card, read it out loud and reflect on the message.

You can also write down your thoughts in your journal as a calming exercise. Or maybe you want to have the special card that really speaks to you on display?

Stick the card on the fridge, place it on your nightstand or frame it and set it on your office desk to comfort you when you are feeling anxious. These cards will help you stop, breathe, and relax for a moment. They will steer your anxious thoughts elsewhere.

Why not use them together with the Stress Less Card deck!

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