Collection: Hei Luonto

Natural cosmetics inspired by Nordic forests

Hei Luonto makes mineral salts and powders with which you can boost your skincare products or make refreshing and nurturing baths and massages. The products bring natural plant-based minerals and nutrients on your skin and pamper all your senses. Get to know the feel-good selection of Hei Luonto!

Organic and vegan mineral salts and powders

Hei Luonto makes natural cosmetics which takes care of the wellbeing of you and the environment. The brand was created by a Finnish couple who have been running their own veterinary clinic in Seoul, South Korea for years. They are specialized in natural methods, herbal therapies and holistic treatments.

The idea behind Hei Luonto is the wellbeing of the environment: nature has healing powers and gives us plenty of valuable ingredients, yet us humans keep polluting the environment at an increasing pace. Therefore Hei Luonto wants to make only pure and natural products in a sustainable way. The gentle products are also suitable for sensitive skin and people with allergies.

The products of Hei Luonto:

  • only contain 100 % organic, natural and edible ingredients
  • do not contain artificial colorants, scents or preservatives
  • do not contain any oil-based ingredients
  • have been packed in environmentally friendly packaging
  • have been made in Finland from Finnish herbs and flowers
  • are 100 % vegan

You can find moisturizing herbal powders and mineral salts for sauna, bath and massage in the selection of Hei Luonto. Shop your favorites!