Yrttihertta vebegtable and berry powders bring extra flavor and nutrients to meals

Yrttihertta – delicious and nutritious powders which reduce food waste

Yrttihertta makes high-quality powders from Finnish dried vegetables, berries and herbs. The aim with the product line is to increase the daily intake of vegetables while utilizing ingredients that might otherwise go to waste. For instance a carrot too small, too big or broken may not be suitable for sale as such but it can very well be utilized in making Yrttihertta powders.

Sustainability is at the heart of Yrttihertta

In recent years, more attention has been paid to the environmental impacts of food production and especially the reduction of food waste. Sustainability is the foundation of the Yrttihertta product line and it determines each stage of the production chain – from the optimal selection of the ingredients, the drying process and the packaging of the finished products up to the last seal.

The product development of Yrttihertta began with the observation of how much for instance Finnish root vegetables are wasted due to their so-called abnormal appearance. A perfectly good root vegetable is wasted because it is too small, too big or broken which is why it is not good for sale as such. When a raw material is dried and made into powder its size and shape have no bearing on the final product. Instead we get a small compact package of all what is good and essential about the vegetable – the great taste, important nutrients and many benefits for the environment.

Yrttihertta vegetable and berry powders can be added to bread rolls

Honored to be made in Finland

Made in Finland is one of the most important values of the Yrttihertta product line. Yrttihertta is confident that the purest, highest quality and tastiest ingredients come from Finland. The Yrttihertta product line only uses Finnish ingredients from nature – for instance berries from the pure Finnish forests. Yrttihertta also wants to support Finnish work which is why Yrttihertta cooperates with carefully selected Finnish partners in each stage of the production.

The Yrttihertta powders provide more taste, color and nutrients effortlessly

With Yrttihertta powders, it is quick and easy to add more taste, color and an extra dose of good nutrients to a wide variety of foods and pastries. The powders can be added to bread rolls and pancake batter, soups and sauces as well as sweet pastries such as cake and biscuit dough. The powders are also suitable to be mixed in porridge, yoghurt and smoothies.

Yrttihertta products are suitable both for everyday use and festive occasions – both for those who love vegetables and those who usually avoid them. Yrttihertta products are well preserved, they fit in small spaces and they are easy to take with for example to hiking trips. Thanks to its heartwarming appearance, this product line is also perfect as a gift for those who appreciate nature and Finnish flavors.

Yrttihertta offers taste, color and power to life - with respect to the environment. See the full selection of Yrttihertta!

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