YSUB Zen Drink

  • YSUB Zen Drink
  • YSUB Zen Drink
  • YSUB Zen Drink
  • YSUB Zen Drink

YSUB Zen Drink

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Package Size: 250 ml Temporarily out of stock Manufacturing Country: Austria

Zen in a can. Hemp infused zen drink that helps you unwind and focus.

  • Natural & 100 % vegan
  • Relaxing hemp with hint of focus
  • Calming chamomile
  • Stress relieving lemon malm
  • B complex vitamins and magnesium for better brain function

Can be stored at room temperature. Serve chilled.

Opposite of busy

This crazy world we live in is all about being busy. Being busy doing this, being busy doing that. Busyness has become the new normal. And even though being busy might make you feel productive; in reality, busyness is killing your creativity, productivity and happiness.

That’s why we’re the opposite of busy. Literally.

YSUB is Scandinavian by heart

From the team to design, and from our values to the life balance we are seeking, it all stems from our Scandinavian heritage. The place we call home is the three-time Happiest Country in the World, so it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about achieving a happy and balanced life.

Sometimes everyday life takes over and it feels like there is simply not enough time. It feels like we are running around without getting much done. We feel inadequate, like we are not enough, which only increases the feeling of stress and anxiety.

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