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Whey'Mo Collagen Smoothie Mix So Berry

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We wanted to make things easy for you! We combined healthy full grain oats with whey protein and collagen. Then added some vitamin C from acerola and topped it up with natural flavours from berry powders. Sweetened with just a hint of Stevia.

Yeah, you heard right - if you yet haven't added collagen to your diet, now could be a brilliant time.

You can enjoy this as a shakeable snack, or add to your smoothie to get all the good things in there. Maybe this is the combination that you have been longing for.

Dosage and use

Mix one scoop (30 g) of powder and about 300 ml water. Add the water and mix well, or blend to your smoothie.

Store in dry and cool place, protected from direct sunlight.

Whey’Mo – groovy protein and collagen products from Finland

Whey’Mo – groovy protein and collagen products from Finland
Whey’Mo is a young and fresh sports nutrition brand founded by three Finnish friends and functional products enthusiasts. Whey’Mo makes protein powders, collagen powders and recovery powders which help you to optimize your gains and take care of your beauty from the inside. High-quality ingredients, amazing taste and funky packaging are at the core of the brand. Just add water and you will get a delicious and nutritious protein shake, or add the powders to your smoothie or pancakes.