Tundra Natural Foot Bath Midnight Sun Bath

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Vitality and scent of summer for your bath moments. Arctic herbs from Finland and pure Dead Sea Salt.

Nordic summers provide a remarkable energy after the long and dark winters – as do the herbs and flowers that receive their unique energy from the shining of the midnight sun. Let the herbal bath, the mixture of Meadowsweet, Nettle and Corn Flower, refresh you while enjoying the scent of summer. The inclusion of pure Dead Sea Salt helps to improve metabolism.

  • For feet and whole body
  • Footbath usage 4-5 times
  • 100 % natural product
  • Handmade in Finland

All herbs are handpicked in Finland. The herbs used in our bath products have grown both wild and naturally in the vast, Finnish wilderness or sown and grown organically.

The pure Dead Sea salt contains natural minerals and trace elements. Does not contain any chemical or industrial additives. The salt is prepared by evaporation of water and washed several times.


Hot water brings herbs to life!

  1. Place 0,5-1 dl of herbal salt into a container (foot bath).
  2. Pour 1-2 liters of boiling water over herbal salt.
  3. Allow to soak for 5-10 minutes. Filter or sieve as desired. Pour mixture into bath and cool the water or add water if necessary.

To enhance effects: Keep your feet in the water 3-5 minutes, then quickly bathe them for 1 minute in cold water. Repeat 2-3 times.

Purity from Arctic ingredients

Purity from Arctic ingredients
Tundra Natural is a design company which makes natural products from Arctic plants. You can find ecological natural soaps, shampoo soaps and sauna scents in the Tundra Natural selection. The products are handmade in an atelier in Siilinjärvi, Savonia (Eastern Finland). The products are made from ingredients from the Finnish nature, such as heather, sea-buckthorn, lingonberry and nettle. The ingredients are from the founder’s own forest or acquired from Finnish farmers and pickers. The beautiful Tundra Natural products are a delight in your own bathroom and they also make for the perfect gift!

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