Talwimaku Handmade Mulled Wine

  • Mulled Wine - Handmade in Savonia with love!
    Glass bottle
  • Mulled Wine in clay bottle form Savonia, Finland
    Clay bottle

Talwimaku Handmade Mulled Wine

9.95 €

Package Size: Glass bottle Best Before: 31.08.2022 Inventory Quantity: 8 Manufacturing Country: Finland

Mulled Wine - Handmade in Savonia with love!

Delicious blackcurrant mulled wine handcrafted in northern Savonia, Finland. Also available in a great clay bottle - a great gift idea!

Willimaku products have been awarded e.g. in the prestigious European Food Gift Challenge.

Store open in the refrigerator. Ingested 1 part mulled wine concentrate and 4 parts water.