Narskuttelu Smoke & Tar Xylitol Pastilles

  • Narskuttelu Smoke & Tar Xylitol Pastilles

Narskuttelu Smoke & Tar Xylitol Pastilles

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Package Size: 25 g Best Before: 30.04.2023 Inventory Quantity: 11 Manufacturing Country: Finland

Full xylitol pastilles in a pocket size can. The lid has a thread so the can will stay well closed in a pocket or in the handbag.

Xylitol protects teeth from cavities. Use xylitol after every meal of snack to prevent tooth mineralisation and cavities. It also increase salivation and helping dry mouth.

  • Colourants are not used
  • Produced in Finland
  • Calciumphosphate will remineralize tooth enamel

How to use?

Use 1 to 2 pastilles after snacks or meal. Allow xylitol to melt slowly in mouth. 

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Xylitol protects your teeth

Xylitol protects your teeth

Xylitol (birch sugar) is a healthier alternative to sugar which can be found in nature in birch trees, berries and fruits. Xylitol has a low glycemic index and it is known to protect teeth from cavities. That is why xylitol is often used in dental hygiene products such as toothpastes and chewing gums. Daily usage of xylitol is recommended after meals. The recommended intake is 5 g per day which corresponds to six pieces of chewing gum or eight xylitol pastilles. The best results can be achieved with long-term usage of full xylitol products.