Mettä Finnish Xylitol

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An all-natural, Nordic sweetener. Sweet and fresh xylitol, or in other words birch sugar, is a perfect substitute for white sugar and contains 40% fewer calories in comparison.

Xylitol is highly heat resistant, which makes it suitable for baking. It’s a perfect natural sweetener in desserts, smoothies, granola and various drinks, for example tea.

Our xylitol is produced in Finland using the side stream fibre waste from the European wood industry, meaning less waste and more delicious, sustainable culinary adventures!


Recommended serving size: approx. 1–3 tsp / day. Excessive consumption may cause laxative effects.

Treasures of the Finnish forests

Treasures of the Finnish forests
Finland is one of the world’s most forest-rich countries with over 80 % of our land area covered in forests. Anyone can also enjoy the wonderful benefits that these forests offer: our everyman’s rights guarantee that anyone can roam freely in nature and enjoy nature’s givings regardless of who owns the land. The Finnish forests are the home of some of the purest and the most nutritious natural foods in the world. Our forests are full of berries, mushrooms and wild herbs that grow from the cleanest soil and are fed by the purest water and air. The harsh winters yet light summers make the plants grow particularly rich in nutrients.

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