Luv,A Castor Oil

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Natural, effective and deeply moisturizing Castor Oil to accelerate lash and eyebrow growth. Made in Finland.

Luv,A Castor Oil is 100 % castor oil with nothing added. It is a versatile oil that in regular use makes your lashes grow longer and thicker. The oil also works for eyebrows.

Castor oil is naturally high in protein as well as good fatty acids, such as the rare omega-9 fatty acid series ricinoleic acid. Castor oil is also suitable for dry and irritated skin. In addition to lashes, castor oil can be used to strengthen the skin, nails and hair.

How to use

Dip a brush to the oil and swipe along the lash line in the same manner as liquid eyeliner. Repeat on eyebrows.

Luv,A – affordable yet effective beauty products

Luv,A – affordable yet effective beauty products
Luv,A is a beauty brand which offers a natural alternative to everyday skincare and wellbeing. The brand has been established by the Finnish supermodel Anne Kukkohovi who is also behind the luxury natural cosmetics brand Supermood. Anne’s key idea was to develop beauty products that make you feel good about yourself in everyday life as well as on special occasions. You can find natural cosmetics for everyday skin care from Luv,A’s selection as well as beauty supplements that take care of your hair, skin and nails internally. All the Luv,A products have been made in Finland.

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