Collection: Vuonue

High-quality and ethical Finnish wool yarns

Vuonue makes wool yarns from the wool of their own sheep in their small farm in Paimio, Finland. You can find wool yarns suitable for knitting for example sweaters, woolen stockings and mittens. Choose ethical, ecological and high-quality wool yarn from Finland!

Wool yarn from Finnish sheep farms

The farm of Vuonue is located in Paimio, located in the southwest of Finland. Vuonue was established by Piia Aaltonen, a multi-talent in product design, textile industry and agriculture. Vuonue focuses on making ecological, ethical and high-quality yarns and products made from Finnish wool.

All the wool yarns of Vuonue were originally made from the wool from their own sheep. As the demand – and therefore also production – increased, Vuonue has begun to buy wool from other sheep farms in Finland.

Vuonue works for a wider utilization of Finnish wool as well as the supporting of Finnish work. In spite of the increased demand for Finnish wool yarn, many sheep farms still have to demolish their wool, often due to too low prices. That was one reason why Vuonue established two collection points for wool in two cities in Finland, Piikkiö and Kokkola. Sheep farmers can easily bring their excess wool to the collection points where the different types of wool are also sorted.

Manta wool yarns and Pentti wool blend yarns

Manta is a 100 % wool yarn which is particularly suitable for sweaters. Manta is a good alternative for the Lettlopi yarn used in the popular icelandic sweaters. The versatile Manta can also be used for knitting mittens, woolen hats and scarves. The yarn is made without any chemical procedures and it has been very gently washed. Therefore its moisture-wicking and heating properties are still top notch.

Pentti wool blend yarn is suitable for garments which need to endure harder usage or weather conditions, such as woolen stockings and winter mittens. Pentti is a blend of wool and tencel yarns. Tencel is a durable, antibacterial and biodegradable fiber with good moisture-wicking properties. Tencel increases the durability of the wool yarn. Tencel also gives a bit of shine and softness to the yarn.