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Boost your energy and focus with MCT powders

The Friendly Fat Company makes foods based on healthy fats which give long-lasting energy for a busy day. Unlike snacks loaded with refined carbs and sugar, The Friendly Fat Company's foods are full of good nutrients which will keep you feeling energized and focused all day long. The low-carb and sugar free products are perfect for a keto diet, but anyone will benefit from the healthy nutrients. Add more good energy to your day with The Friendly Fat Company!

The Friendly Fat Company – better performance from good fats

The Friendly Fat Company was founded on the idea of making natural and low-carb foods which provide long-lasting energy and help to stay focused during a busy day. Most snacks on the market contain too much sugar, artificial ingredients and bad carbs and not enough healthy fats. The nutritional content of these products is poor and they don’t keep you full during the day. The Friendly Fat Company wants to offer better alternatives which support both your physical and mental performance in the challenges of the day.

Long-lasting energy to fuel your day

The functional foods and supplements of The Friendly Fat Company are based on good fats from MCT oil and nuts which are combined with superfoods such as cacao and lion’s mane. Our bodies need enough healthy fats in order to function in an optimal way. Fat keeps us feeling full for a long time which actually supports weight management. The sufficient intake of good fats decreases the need for unnecessary snacking which can make the calorie intake of the day rise up to the roof.

The products of The Friendly Fat Company provide you with long-lasting energy so they are perfect for an active lifestyle. The products don’t contain any artificial ingredients nor sugar and only a minimum amount of carbs. They are therefore well suited for a ketogenic diet.