Collection: Mahla Forest

Mahla Forest – drinks powered by Arctic ingredients

Mahla Forest makes beverages and health drinks from the pure ingredients of Nordic nature. The Mahla Forest drinks get their flavors and nutrients from birch sap, blackberries, juniper berries and cranberries. Order today and quench your thirst with fresh and aromatic Arctic flavors!

From probiotic drinks to blackberry gins

The selection of Mahla Forest includes the lactic acid bacteria drink Boris and the alcohol-free thirst-quenchers Arctic Ice Drink and Blackberry Gin.

  • The Boris drink is an unpasteurized fermented drink which supports the wellbeing of the gut. Boris contains live lactic acid bacteria, enzymes and flavonoids. The drink is made by fermenting Finnish root vegetables, berries and wild herbs and it is an excellent aid for digestion.
  • Arctic Ice Drink is a fresh beverage made from birch sap, cranberries and nettle. The ice drink of the North is an excellent thirst-quencher but it also works well as the basis for drinks.
  • Blackberry gin is an alcohol-free drink for the lovers of gin. The drink gets its unique flavor from blackberries and juniper berries which create an aromatic and structured ensemble.

Choose your favorite and experience the pure flavors of the North!

Mahla Forest – from birch sap drinks to successful beverage company

The story of Mahla Forest began in 2014 when Juha Tarkiainen begun to make drinks from birch sap in a former cowshed in Pieksämäki, located in Southern Savonia in Finland. First the birch sap drinks found their way to local shops. In addition to birch sap, Mahla Forest began to experiment with other Arctic trees and plants, such as spruce sprouts, in their beverages. Birch sap remained the number one ingredient though, and Mahla Forest began to export it abroad as well.

In 2017 Mahla Forest bought the brand and production of the Boris drink, the first Finnish unpasteurized fermented drink developed already in 1983. Mahla Forest also begun the production of lemonades.

Today Mahla Forest focuses on health drinks, beverages as well as premium alcoholic drinks. The growing selection and demand has led to new investments in equipment and premises, significant partnerships as well as more exports. The couple behind the company, Juha and Aino Tarkiainen, were selected as the young entrepreneurs of Southern Savonia in 2021.