Collection: Finnish Wool Yarns

Finnish wool yarn is clean, ethical and high-quality

Wool yarn is a superior material. Wool can be used to make warm, breathable and durable clothes which can be worn all year round. Finnish wool yarn is superior: it is ethically and ecologically produced and of the highest quality. Here at Arctic Pure, you can find high-quality wool yarns from Finnish small farms. Get to know the selection and take out your knitting needles!

Wool is an excellent material for clothes

Wool is a versatile natural fiber. Wool can be used to make durable and warm clothes which are comfortable to wear. Wool has many excellent qualities:

  • wool conducts heat and is an insulator – therefore wool can be both cooling and heating
  • wool is moisture-wicking
  • a clothing made from wool is soft and flexible
  • wool repels dirt and can be cleaned easily by ventilating it in fresh air
  • wool is a durable material when treated well
  • 100 % wool yarn is suitable for felting which makes the clothing more durable

Wool yarn from Finnish small farms

Finnish wool yarn has become increasingly popular especially during the pandemic which spurred the interest in knitting. The most common wool used to make wool yarn in Finland is Finnsheep wool. Finnsheep wool is soft and resembles high-quality merino wool by its qualities. It is also greasy which makes it repel dirt and water. Therefore garments made of Finnsheep wool are excellent for more rough weather conditions – or for children’s clothes.

Finnish wool yarn is ethical

Finnish wool yarn is also clean. Due to long and cold winters, the parasite problem which would require treating the wool with chemicals is basically non-existent in Finland. The Finnish Animal Welfare Act also forbids the mulesing method which is used to prevent parasites but harms the sheep.

The most ethical and ecological wool yarn can be found from small farms in Finland. The sheep live in good conditions at the farms where the sheep keepers also spin and wash the wool.

You can find wool yarns produced in Finnish small farms at Arctic Pure. Choose high-quality, ecological and ethical Finnish wool yarn!

How to choose wool yarn most suitable for your needs

You can make all kinds of garments from wool yarn, such as warm wool socks, mittens or a sweater. A self-made woolen garment is always valuable and requires work so therefore it is good to pay special attention to the choice of the right wool yarn. One of the most important things to consider when choosing is the use of the garment but it’s also good to take your own level of experience as a knitter into consideration. Color, consistency, thickness and density of the yarn all affect how the end result will look like.

Here’s a few tips for choosing the right yarn for your needs:

  • Thick wool yarns are good for outerwear such as knit caps.
  • Use wool blend for garments which need to be durable against wear, such as mittens and socks. Other fibers (for example 15–25 % polyamide) have been added to wool blend yarns to strengthen the yarn.
  • Merino wool yarn is light, warm and soft and it keeps you dry. Merino wool yarn is good for all kinds of clothes and due to its softness, it is particularly suitable for children’s clothes.
  • Use smooth and dense yarn for patterns such as cables. Smooth yarn is also excellent for a less experienced knitter.
  • If you have sensitive skin, avoid rough wool yarns. For example merino wool yarn is a good option.