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The 2021 Holiday shipping deadlines at Arctic Pure

The Holiday Season is a busy time for everyone, including delivery services. The earlier you do your Christmas shopping online, the earlier and with more certainty you will get your order in time for Christmas!

We at Arctic Pure deliver worldwide fast and reliably. Based on the delivery times our logistics partners DHL, GLS and Boxberry have informed us, we can promise the following:

If you place your order by Tuesday December 14 at 12 pm (EET), we guarantee that you will have your order in time for Christmas. This deadline applies to all countries. And with a bit of good luck, even orders placed a couple of days after this may arrive in time for Christmas, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee this with a 100 % certainty.

So if you want to wrap your gifts without hurrying and worrying, we recommend doing Christmas shopping right away. So step into our Holiday Season gift shop and order your favorites today!

We wish all our customers a wonderful Christmas time from everyone at Arctic Pure! 💙

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