Tundra Natural Soap Bar Wild Berries

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A scentless handmade soap from Finland. The soaps with raspberries and sea-buckthorn berries, rich in vitamins, remind us of the summer even in the midst of frosty winter days.

  • Suitable for body and hands.
  • Free from synthetic fragrances, preservatives, petrochemicals, plastic or animal fats.
  • Recyclable carton packaging.

The soaps are handmade in the old world tradition with natural vegetable oils and arctic beeswax, that make the soap skin-smoothing and conditioning. Our carefully crafted recipes do not dry out the skin, but rather moisturize the skin.

The soap also contains raspberry seed oil for skin care, which is rich in vitamin E. Sea buckthorn fruit powder gently exfoliates the skin as well as makes it easier to clean dirty hands. The colour of the soap is given by the mineral pigment.

Store your soap on a well-drained soap dish after opening the package. See also Tundra Natural's ceramic soap dishes that are designed to keep your soap dry.

Purity from Arctic ingredients

Purity from Arctic ingredients
Tundra Natural is a design company which makes natural products from Arctic plants. You can find ecological natural soaps, shampoo soaps and sauna scents in the Tundra Natural selection. The products are handmade in an atelier in Siilinjärvi, Savonia (Eastern Finland). The products are made from ingredients from the Finnish nature, such as heather, sea-buckthorn, lingonberry and nettle. The ingredients are from the founder’s own forest or acquired from Finnish farmers and pickers. The beautiful Tundra Natural products are a delight in your own bathroom and they also make for the perfect gift!

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