Teatiamo Arctic Anal Tall Single - Health

Teatiamo Arctic Anal Tall Single

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Arctic Anal - Made in Lapland. These beautiful unique pieces are designed and made in Finnish Lapland under Analis Borealis. Material is designed and developed in Finland.

This tall items length is 15 cm with the thickest part being 3,5 cm


CWP produces dyed laminated blanks from birch. The laminated wood is a strong and ideal material for gun stocks. However TEATIAMO makes love not war so now for the first time in history these blanks are used for sex toys.

Laminated blanks can also be used for sports equipment like bow material, or knife handles and pen blanks etc.

The final products are finished with Mipa 2K-HS-Klarlack CC 9. It is a VOC-compliant High-Solid acrylic clearcoat for full and partial paintworks on cars and commercial vehicles and provides a particularly brilliant finish and an optimal flow on solvent- or water-based basecoats. The surface prevents moist and dirt. You can wash these products by hand – not in a washing machine.

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