Taiga's Dark Chocolate With Sea Buckthorn

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Blooming charmer growing on Finnish islands by the sea. Buxom berry which knocks you down with its wholesomeness. Used to unforgiving autumn gales also enjoy the sweltering sunshine.

Prickly to its picker, lusciously tasty for its eater. You´ve better to taste!

Taiga combines chocolate with the Nordic nature

Taiga combines chocolate with the Nordic nature
Taiga is a Finnish chocolate brand focusing on handmade chocolates and exotic Nordic flavours. The founder Anne Nymark is pastry chef who began to experiment with chocolate and smelt fish. The unexpected flavour combination worked well and so Taiga was born. The name Taiga refers to boreal forest which consists of a mix of spruce, pines and birch, typical in Finland and Scandinavia. The Nordic nature is strongly present in Taiga chocolates which utilize wild berries, reindeer meat and fish. The daring flavours are perfect for those with an adventurous spirit.