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SunSpelt Organic Crisp Bread With Wild Bilberry

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100% whole-grain spelt and made with a sourdough starter, this yeast-free, preservative-free, whole-grain crisp bread with is sure to make you smile.

Rolled extra thin and baked to crunchy, delicious perfection, SunSpelt’s crisp bread will go well with your next meal, as a midday snack served up with a few slices of avocado, or as part of your appetizer spread. Wild Bilberry powder from bilberries grown in the clean, pure forests of Finland make this product extra special and extra nutritious.

Back home in Finland, we like it topped with cold smoked salmon, but why stop there? Your imagination is the only limit.

This spelt treat is crispy, delicious and perfect for every meal.

  • Made from 100% Finnish whole grain spelt
  • Baked with spring water and real sourdough starter
  • Full of flavor and yeast-free
  • 16% protein, 13% dietary fiber and rich in various minerals

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The making of crisp bread

The making of crisp bread
Crisp bread is a hard and thin dried bread popular on the plates of the Nordic people. Crisp bread is traditionally made of wholegrain rye and water. Little holes are pressed on the surface of the bread before they are put in the oven to prevent the formation of air bubbles during baking. The little holes also tie the surface and the bottom together making the bread preserve its shape. Crisp bread is baked at high temperature (250 ℃/ 482 ℉) for a few minutes. This gives the bread its lovely crispiness. In addition to rye, crisp bread can also be made of spelt, potatoes, rice or corn.

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