Rohtos Labs Overpower

Rohtos Labs Overpower

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Adaptogenic Sports Supplement

Body-wide adaptation of stress reactions. 

Overpower is a 100% natural, long-acting performance enhancer. It is formulated to increase performance and improve recovery of all endurance athletes, and to do so without any increase in oxygen consumption or heat generation.

Overpower is based on adaptogens – a class of botanicals with the ability to increase stress resilience on a cellular level by modulating the way organs react to stress. They’re capable of modulating the production and release of neurotransmitters, hormones and proteins, the rates of oxygen, protein, fat and carbohydrate utilization, and behaviour of key physiological parameters such as the heart rate and respiratory rate. Combining multiple adaptogens is known to strengthen and extend their effectiveness.

Overpower utilizes a 2-part formula (‘Alpha’ and ‘Omega’) to achieve a long-lasting, virtuous cycle of performance-enhancing effects. All in all, Overpower contains seven classic adaptogens with supporting botanicals to boost absorption and bioavailability. All compounds are highly enriched, standardized extracts for optimal efficacy.

The effects of Overpower are measurable from positive changes in:

  • resting heart rate
  • post-exercise heart rate recovery
  • HRV
  • VO2max
  • anabolic / catabolic hormone levels
  • lactic acid levels
  • biomarkers of overtraining sentiment
  • physical conditioning


Overpower has a dosing range of 1–3 capsules daily. Suitable dosages are subject to personal and situational variation.

  • 1 Alpha + 1 Omega = a maintenance dose for recovery time and low stress.
  • 2 Alpha + 2 Omega = average dose for light to moderate training and moderate stress.
  • 2 Alpha + 3 Omega = full dose for heavy, frequent training and heavy stress. 

Overpower is best used cyclically, with breaks in use. The recommended standard cycle is 28 days: 21 days of use followed by a 7-day break. The product package contains detailed use instructions.

The perceivable effects of Overpower supplementation start on average 4 days from the start and strengthen up to 14 days. The effects accumulate over time and are pronounced when tired or stressed.

Areas of Application

Maintaining stamina and endurance under prolonged activity. Improving training response. Improving recovery and quality of rest. Recovering from overtraining and reducing the risk and symptoms of overtraining.