Puhdas+ Beauty Glorifying Lingonberry Seed Oil - Natural Beauty

Puhdas+ Beauty Glorifying Lingonberry Seed Oil

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Lingonberry Seed Oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that brighten the skin. Maintains the skin's natural health and beauty.

Apply to the face and decolte area.

Beauty oils from Finnish superberries

The Puhdas+ Beauty Oil product range includes many different and unique beauty oils, from which you can choose the one that suits your skin and its needs.

Only the best, organic quality sunflower, almond, olive and coconut oils are used as the basis for beauty oils. The products are based on Finnish superberries, such as sea buckthorn, lingonberry and blackcurrant. These berries are already known around the world as real superfoods, and now Puhdas+ enables their use in a new generation of skin care products as well.

The products are manufactured in Finland, in an Ecocert-certified cosmetics factory.

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