Polar Nutrition Chaga Xylitol

Polar Nutrition Chaga Xylitol

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New Polar Nutrition Xylitol product family – Flavour from the nature.

In our new Finnish xylitol tablet, you can taste the real flavours of the forests naturally. Polar Nutrition xylitol tablet's flavour comes from real berries and natural extracts.

We don't use any artificial flavours of colourants. Just 100% real natural extracts. Tablet contains 10-15% of extracts and 82-87% of xylitol. This tablet is also fully vegan because we don’t use any gelatin in production.

To make this Chaga Xylitol we use 65 g of real chaga.


Xylitol or ”birch sugar” was originally extracted from birches. Xylitol we use is extracted from birches and other hardwoods. Today many clinical studies have shown that xylitol prevents tooth decay by preventing bacteria from multiplying and producing acid. It's also proven to prevent children's otitis. Xylitol stops acid attack after meal. It lowers acid levels caused by nutrients and acids on tooth surface caused by bacteria. Dentists in Finland recommend daily use of xylitol.

Flavours of our new product family are Chaga, Blueberry-Rhodiola Rosea (Rose Root), Sea Buckthorn and Green Tea.

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Polar Nutrition Chaga Extract
Polar Nutrition Chaga Extract
Polar Nutritions chaga extract doesn't have extenders and it's ready to use. Extract is completely without additives. Our chaga is harvested from the cleanest parts of the world, untouched forests of Siberia. This raw material is refined into top quality product which is result of centuries worth of tradition and by constantly testing raw materials quality, we make sure that every batch of our product is the same high quality. Blends well into any cold or hot liquid No additives One can lasts about a month (daily dose 1 g) Suitable for children. No alcohol used in extraction process and it can be blended into e.g. porridge or yogurt. Researched antioxidants Orac-score 146 300 Melanin 40.7% Betulin 3.1% Betulinic acid 0.22% Chaga Northern superfood that's been used as a folk medicine for centuries, especially in Siberia. First reported use is from the 1200 century. Chaga grows on birch trees in colder climates. After infecting a birch tree it grows as a dark chaga mushroom. Chaga is superior source of antioxidant's. Antioxidant's activity is measured by ORAC-number. Raw chaga is about 55 000. Our extract's is 146 300 (e.g. blueberry 4700, chia-seed 11 000). How to use? Add 1/2 teaspoon (1g) for example to a glass of water, smoothie or yoghurt. Warnings Do not exceed daily recommended amount (1 g). Keep out of reach of children. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for eating the variety of foods that makes up a healthy diet. Chaga shouldn't be used with antibiotics, penicillin or intravenous glucose. If you are allergic to penicillin of mushrooms please consult a doctor before using this product.
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