Mettä A Gift From The Nordic Berries

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Flavours from Nordic Forest. Lingonberry Xylitol & Nettle Salt in a nice giftbox.

  • Made in Finland
  • Packed & produced sustainably

Lingonberry Xylitol 60 g

An all natural Nordic sweetener. Sweet and fresh birch sugar, xylitol is a delicious pair with the slightly bitter, wild and nutrient rich Nordic lingonberry. Perfect for smoothies and teas or sprinkled on top of pancakes, yogurt or porridge. Xylitol takes heat well and can also be used in baking. The xylitol we use is wood-based and made in Finland in te most environmentally friendly way, using the side stream fibre waste from wood industry.

Nettle Salt, 70 g

Pure and tasty, Nordic nettle and herbs combined with the highest quality natural French Guerande fine sea salt. Simply sprinkle to season your favourite dishes. A perfect match for fish, vegetables and omelettes.

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