Havuka Ant Spirit Spruce Resin Balm

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Havuka Ant Spirit balm is an ancient folk’s pain relief balm. It contains native spruce resin and ant eggs. Ant eggs in spirit or rubbing alcohol have long been used as a liniment to relieve different physical pains.

Ant eggs and spruce resin to relieve pain

Ant spirit was traditionally used to alleviate rheumatic and period pains. It was also recommended for restless feet and prostatic hypertrophy. Sitting on an anthill was a normal treatment method in Finland in the 19th century.

The ant spirit in this balm is encased in Finnish spruce resin, which helps the skin heal and function normally.

Recommended use of ant spirit balm

Relieves muscle pain and enhances thyroid and prostate functions. Excellent for use on bandages in foot and leg injuries.

Apply a thin layer externally on the treated skin area. Use in a sauna to accelerate the effect.

Store in a cool place and keep away from sunlight.