Globe Hope by Mia Höytö LEMPEÄ UNI Multivitamin Oil Serum

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Intense repair skin therapy

LEMPEÄ UNI contains A, B, C, E -vitamins which are the heart of this beautifying oil serum. Lempeä Uni brings an intensive vitamin therapy to the skin, as well as smoothes and brightens the skin tone. Bioactive combination protects and repairs the cells and increases the skin’s elasticity and firmness resulting in a soft, deeply hydrated and smooth complexion. Rose otto prevents and corrects the signs of aging. Lempeä Uni is, as its name suggests, a soothing product.

In addition to the skin pampering qualities, it contains aroma-therapeutic rose otto that relaxes and calms down the mind. This multivitamin oil serum is also suitable for oily skin because of its ideal jojoba oil base.

Directions to use

Apply a few drops of Lempeä Uni oil serum to the clean skin in the mornings and evenings.

Beauty tip

Lempeä Uni oil and Lumous serums works perfectly together. Mix a few drops of the Lempä Uni and Lumous serums together and apply to the skin. The combination provides perfect protection, hydration and renewal to the skin.

Combine Säihke softening toner and Lempeä Uni serum together and you get effective and moisturizing combination for your skin. Mix the Säihke and Lempeä Uni on the palm of your hand, apply to the skin.


Perfect match

Globe Hope by Mia Höytö VALO Eye Cream
Globe Hope by Mia Höytö VALO Eye Cream
Light but Hydrating Eye Cream Eye area is very delicate and sensitive part of Your face. Therefore, it is important to protect it with the best ingredients the Earth can give. When taking care of Your eye area You prevent the signs of ageing.VALO Eye Cream is a light but hydrating cream, which helps the skin to feel brighter and less puffy. It has no fragrance because we do not want to irritate the sensitive eye area. You can use Valo Eye Cream day and night. During daytime use it as Your little helper under Your makeup. It gives a perfect base for the eye makeup You choose to wear. At night time it supports the eye area while You relax in bed. Valo means light and in our opinion, light is what our face and eyes need to attain the best possible appearance.Valo eye cream contains organic black elder flower extract to prevent dark circles and puffiness. Organic sea buckthorn seed oil is known for its anti-ageing effects and it, in addition, is a perfect for hydrating the skin. Organic aloe vera extract firms the skin and stimulates the cellular regeneration. Organic cornflower water soothes and detoxifies the eye area. Valo Eye Cream contains organic olive oil, almond oil and sunflower seed oil. These oils moisturise the skin, as well. Organic sheabutter gives Valo Eye Cream the final touch it needs to feel as luxurious as it is. How to use Apply Valo eye cream to the skin in the morning and evening by patting gently. Beauty tips Valo cream works well as a mask around the eye area at night. Take a few pumping of the Valo cream and apply to your skin. Let it absorb for a little while before going to sleep. Valo smoothes, tightens and moisturizes the skin during your beauty sleep. By using Valo cream, you can also make a relaxing massage around the eye area. You can use Valo cream also on the lip area. By adding a few drops of Lempeä Uni serum, you get a luxurious treatment around the lips.
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Globe Hope by Mia Höytö KAUNIS Facial Cleansing Gel
Globe Hope by Mia Höytö KAUNIS Facial Cleansing Gel
Look and Feel Beautiful! The skin needs to be fresh to look and feel beautiful. As we all know it is very important to cleanse the face in the evening after the lovely day out and about. KAUNIS means beautiful and You are at Your most beautiful without makeup, bare faced with glowing skin. Kaunis contains organic aloe extract, which calms Your skin and gives the skin the moisture it needs after the cleansing. Kaunis Cleansing gel is a gentle cleanser because it is sugar based and it removes all the impurities and traces of makeup. Organic cornflower water purifies, detoxifies and soothes the skin, which is why it is used in this luxurious cleansing gel. Kaunis leaves Your skin hydrated and ready for the moisturiser You decide to use. It does not matter what kind of makeup You use because Kaunis Facial Cleansing gel cleanses it all away and leaves Your skin with a light feeling. How to use You can use Kaunis cleansing gel two ways. Apply the product through damp hands to dry skin or alternatively, you can moisten the skin lightly with water first. Foam and heat the product in the hands. Cleanse your skin using a circular upward motion. Rinse your face and repeat the cleaning ritual. When cleaning the skin twice you will definitely get a clean skin. First, you clean the make-up and after the impurities from the skin. Beauty tips Do you have particularly dry skin? If you want to make a cleaning ritual more caring, you can mix the Kaunis cleansing gel together with the Ihana or Unelma cream. This will give you more moisture version to use. You can have a softening and gently scrub by mixing Kaunis cleanser together with organic sugar. Take a small amount of sugar in your palm and mix it with Kaunis. Apply the mixture to the clean and wet skin and scrub the face, neck and decoltage with gentle, circular upward movements. Rinse the skin and continue the pampering with the Säihke softening toner and the Lumous serum.
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