Globe Hope by Mia Höytö IHANA Moisturising Cream

  • Globe Hope by Mia Höytö IHANA Moisturising Cream
    50 ml
  • Globe Hope by Mia Höytö IHANA Moisturising Cream
  • Globe Hope by Mia Höytö IHANA Moisturising Cream
    15 ml
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Globe Hope by Mia Höytö IHANA Moisturising Cream

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Feel Sweet, Lovely and Moisturised

If You truly want to feel sweet, lovely and gorgeous it is important to use organic blackcurrant and sea buckthorn seed oils. IHANA Moisturising Cream contains both of these precious oils. Sea buckthorn seed oil is one of the most valuable oils in the planet. It is the very best at hydrating, soothing and regenerating the skin. Because of its antioxidants it is a perfect anti-age tool for Your skin. Berry seed oils are full of vitamins, which are very important for healthy and glowing skin. In Ihana Moisturising Cream we use organic sheabutter. Sheabutter is known from its ability to secure the moisture of the skin. It also diminishes wrinkles and heals the skin. Organic cornflower water contains tannins which purify the skin. Cornflower water also builds up microcirculation which helps the tissues to dispose toxins.

In order to have the best possible effect on Your skin we use a set of organic oils. Organic sunflower seed oil nourishes the skin and helps the cell exchange. It contains vitamin E, which is a perfect anti-oxidant. Organic almond oil moisturises the skin and it is a perfect skin softener like organic olive oil which we use. Organic aloe vera extract is used because of its hydrating and calming effects. Organic oat extract soothes and regenerates the skin. Ihana Moisturising Cream is a combination of these lovely ingredients and it brings luxury to Your daily skin care moments.

How to use

Apply Ihana to the clean facial skin in the morning and evening. Ihana works well under the make-up, giving an effective hydration throughout the day.

Beauty tip

You can use Ihana as a refreshing facial mask before your party. Take one pumping of the Ihana cream and apply it to your skin. You can add the serum of your choice to the Ihana cream. Apply the spare cream to the neck and decoltage area. Allow the mask to act for 30 minutes.

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