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Flow Cosmetics Multipurpose Seabuckthorn Balm

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A truly versatile skin revitalizer for all skin areas that need special care. Rich in berry power and skin-loving fatty acids. Suitable for all skin types!

Flow Seabuckthorn Repair Balm

  • invigorates dull and irritated skin
  • can be applied from head to toe
  • hydrates and protects. 

Protect your skin with natural berries

Seabuckthorn Repair Balm is ideal for every type of skin and can be applied from head to toe. The balm rehabilitates dull and irritated skin by hydrating it and fortifying its protective barrier. Enjoy the lovely, subtly sweet scent of berries, rose and citrus fruits.

Uses for this protective balm

Chapped lips and skin, cuticles/nails, rough and dry elbows. Protects from frost and heat. For damaged or split hair ends.

The active ingredients

Arctic seabuckthorn seed oil slows down the aging of the skin, moisturizes and improves skin elasticity, strengthens the sensitive, irritated and itchy skin. Rich in vitamin C, E and essential fatty acids.

Organic shea butter nurtures the skin with important vitamins and minerals that protect the skin.

Organic argan oil helps to soothe a variety of skin problems and improves skin elasticity. Helps to maintain the moisture and pH balance of the skin.

Sunflower wax creates a protective barrier for the skin and locks in moisture.

Rosehip seed CO2-extract rejuvenates the skin, promotes healing of damaged skin tissue, treats sunburns and scarring.Antioxidant rich, it contains vitamin E and trans-retinoic acid, a natural form of vitamin A and a skin-loving fatty acid.

Lemon oil is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Revitalizes tired and lifeless skin. Heals acne and other skin issues.

Orange oil is antibacterial and reduces the signs of aging.