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Flow Cosmetics Hair Rinse - Juniper

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Hair Rinse For Oily Hair

Healthy and shiny hair naturally. Conditions and replenishes especially a scalp that has oiliness, itchiness or impurities.

A great solution for oily hair and irritated scalps

Enjoy healthy and shiny hair naturally with apple cider vinegar, extract of arctic juniper (from Finnish Lapland), calming essential oils from juniper, vetiver root and cooling peppermint, which is great for itchy scalps. It’s especially effective for oily and itchy scalps, as well as individuals who use several products in their hair.  Our ingredients can help prevents hair loss by purifying the scalp and stimulating hair growth. It will also help hair color last longer.

The result is soft, shiny hair that is infused with a grounding forest herbal scent.

You can use our rinse in place of a conditioner after every wash. For best results, use with shampoo bars. Using our rinse will help remove shampoo soap from hair and return the natural pH of your scalp and hair.

To use

Shake the tube well and then mix about 10-20 ml of the concentrated hair rinse (add more depending on the condition of your hair) into 100-200ml warm water. For short hair, half of this amount is enough. When first using, please be aware that the tube can dispense more of the product than needed, so dilute as necessary. Before applying the rinse, wash hair with a shampoo bar, rinse well and towel dry. Apply the diluted hair rinse onto the hair. The rinse can be left in as a conditioner or washed out.

Our Juniper Hair Rinse is vegan and preservative-free.

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